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Zach DeWitt
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Companies today have overwhelming amounts of data available to them, data that can be used to improve, even transform, their business.

For GTM teams today, though, using data is tough.

It’s hard for non-technical GTM teams to access it, and even harder to turn into insights and operationalize. Modern SaaS companies have tons of usage and customer data, but existing sales and marketing tools aren’t built for it.

In theory, the data companies hold should let them sell and market to customers with borderline telepathy. Companies should be able to predict churn by looking at usage, or pinpoint the exact perfect moment to sell.

Instead, most GTM efforts either jump the gun and annoy users by trying to sell them the product when they are still exploring, or completely miss out on great opportunities.

That’s where HeadsUp comes in. HeadsUp is helping SaaS GTM teams quickly leverage their data for revenue growth with customers.

We invested in HeadsUp because of the strong team and their differentiated approach. HeadsUp has built an ML-powered platform that analyzes internal data (e.g., product usage, CRM data) and 3rd party data (e.g., demographics and firmographics) and tells companies which users to engage, and when to best engage them for whatever GTM objective.

HeadsUp also plays well with the rest of the GTM stack, and shows reps this additional information in their existing CRM. That means companies can orchestrate downstream actions in and with the tools they already use.

Earl and Momo, the two co-founders, were early employees at Fiscalnote, where they tackled this problem internally and built an internal tool to solve it, allowing Fiscalnote to generate incremental revenue. They’ve also built a top team around them, including data science experts experienced at solving problems at scale at Meta and hedge funds.

HeadsUp’s design partners and customers are already seeing value from implementing the product, with one unicorn SaaS company nearly doubling its sales efficiency.

Congratulations to the HeadsUp team! Feel free to reach out to them if you’re interested in learning more about the product or would like to explore career opportunities with this stellar team.

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