Founding Team

Ansuman Satpathy
Howard Chang
Kevin Parker
CEO and co-founder
Partnered year

Wing VC participated in Cartography’s Seed round of investment in 2020, when Cartography Biosciences was just a glint in the eyes of co-founders Ansuman Satpathy, Howard Chang, and Kevin Parker.

Back then, these unnervingly smart PhDs were in the incubator at MBC BioLabs, building the first-ever comprehensive atlas for immune-oncology targets. They were poised to create massive opportunity for new targeted immunotherapies that could save countless lives.

As Wing partner Sara Choi put it, “Kevin’s concept defense was the biggest no brainer we’ve witnessed.”

Since our seed investment, Cartography Biosciences came out of stealth mode with a $57M Series A in 2022. With their discovery platform, the company has become the first to systematically profile healthy and diseased tissue cell-by-cell to discover robust targets that lead to better, safer drugs.

Cartography is overcoming the challenge of target selection for immunotherapies, so these therapies can finally reach their full potential to save patients’ lives. The company continues to attract exceptional talent to do this deeply meaningful work.

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