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Success Platform

Wing’s Founder Success Platform exists to support founders within our portfolio, using a deeply collaborative approach that puts founders in the pilot seat, with our team and resources providing lift when it matters most.
The company you keep

Exclusive networks

When you join Wing, you're connected to a family of founders, CEOs, and other entrepreneurial-minded folks from wildly successful companies with a bottomless well of knowledge and experience in company building.

Founder network

No one understands founders like founders.

When you join Wing, you're connected to a family of founders, CEOs, and other entrepreneurial-minded folks from wildly successful companies with a bottomless well of knowledge and experience in company building.

Experienced guidance

Gain invaluable insight from founders who have been in your shoes, and have navigated the ups and downs of starting and building a company.

Meaningful support

Building a company is challenging—and sometimes lonely. Overcome obstacles with the help of a network of like-minded individuals.

Learning from failure

A community of founders provides a space to share experiences, including failures, and learn from one another to minimize risk—and improve the chances of success.

Customer network

There's one thing that unites every single enterprise tech company, across all verticals and stages of maturity: they need more customers. The Wing Customer Network spans both the Global 2000 and emerging mid-market rocket ships, with CIOs, CTOs, and go-to-market leaders who are eager to discover the next generation of tools and services to help their companies succeed.
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Your early design partners

It’s hard to build a great product without speaking directly to its intended users. Our customer network is an invaluable resource for companies looking to get substantial, meaningful input to their product roadmap from the exact people they hope to sell to. This is true for companies that are pre-revenue, but also for those who have begun to build sales momentum but are still seeking to fine-tune their product-market fit.

Lighthouse customer accounts

Securing your first major corporate account can be a massive inflection point for a company. It’s not just the revenue (although that part is pretty nice)—it’s the chance to improve your whole enterprise sales motion through feedback from an experienced buyer. Plus, it’s the validation and proof of value from posting a newly acquired logo on your website. Our customer network is full of executives at Global 2000 companies who are willing to explore being your first step to a thriving enterprise sales process.

Executive sponsorship for PLG leads
Many people believe that product-led growth teams don’t need to have any enterprise sales motion to be successful. But if you ask any successful PLG founder, you’ll hear that getting a key introduction to a senior leader at just the right time can be the key to taking a major account to the next level. We’ve had success running this model with PLG companies across verticals and functional areas, and continue to innovate on how we can support founders with this two-sided sales approach.

Strategic network

Strategic connections provide uplift and acceleration for your business. We get you in front of the influential leaders at the key partners that will make a pivotal difference.
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Talent network

We engage with teams early to find and anticipate needs, connect you to talented executives, launch the search process, and support founders as they land the absolute best hire possible.

Media network

Accessing the best publications, reporters, and media opportunities as an early-stage founder can seem impossible. Wing's Media network of hundreds of reporters at tier 1 and important trade media helps accelerate outcomes for Wing companies and reach millions of potential viewers.
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Because the launch matters

Launch Pad

Our team has supported dozens of successful, even iconic, launches, and are uniquely equipped to ensure your company’s launch is an overwhelming success.

Onboarding and planning

Just as onboarding is a critical piece of a user journey, ‘onboarding’ at Wing is taken equally seriously. We work with your core team to understand your unique needs, make a plan, and integrate your team into the Wing systems and programs that will deliver results, fast.

Brand, positioning, and messaging

You have a lot to do. Finding the time to think about brand can feel impossible. We’ll help you get started on the right foot, with guidance on what a ‘Minimum Viable Brand’ looks like for you, how to develop it, and how to stand apart from your competition.

Launch campaign

The initial launch can make or break a startup. We’ll support you with proven campaign tactics and a launch plan that covers every possible angle, outlet, and potential pitfall.

Talent workshop

Early-stage hiring, particularly pre-launch, is critical. Together we’ll help identify gaps in your core team, determine what resources are best brought in-house versus outsourced, and ensure proper role calibration as you prepare to scale.


The Wing summits are unparalleled in their seniority of leaders, breadth across industries, depth within organizations, and strength in new relationships. We are here to be a convening authority, drive thought leadership, and build exclusive communities related to your business.

Previous Wing summits have hosted C-suite leaders from more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100, and more than 4,000 attendees in total, all at the chief executive level.
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Coordinated work to give our companies an unfair advantage


We regularly create and curate unique experiences, engagements, and activities like founder events, customer 1:1s, market research, and more to help our founders acquire customers, learn and grow as executives, and reach escape velocity.

Exec brief

Get curated access to buyers and influencers in a 1:1 capacity through Wing's executive briefing program. Our program is designed to accelerate the sales discovery process and connect the best companies to executives with known projects or corporate initiatives related to portfolio company product strategy.

Market research

Our privileged access to private company information helps us deliver important benchmarks, market research, trend analysis, and discovery around common corporate initiatives directly to our founder's inboxes.

Wing academy

Join in with your peers at Wing's different academy offerings—founder selling, financing, marketing for founders, and many more. These live sessions include access to incredible 3rd party speakers, 1:1 coaching with mentors, and feedback sessions with other founders experiencing similar problems.

Event series

Join one of Wing's many events digitally or in person. Our digital summit series, annual summit, founder community events, and Wing conferences are free for founders to attend and always feature best-in-class attendees and speakers.
The tools you need


Scale better and faster with a continually growing, fully self-service slate of resources to help grow your team, tackle new challenges, and connect with tried-and-true service providers.


Land better candidates, faster.


Find the best vendors for your needs.


Learn and grow as a founder.
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