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Mimoun Cadosch Delmar
Partnered year

In 2020, alongside OMX Ventures and Pillar VC, Wing VC ledthe Seed round of investment in Matterworks.Matterworks’ technology combines metabolomics with AI to simulate the metabolicenvironment — and we knew that the AI-powered biotech company could make amassive positive difference in this world.

In the years since Wing’s initial investment, Matterworksco-founder Mimoun Cadosch Delmar and his team have met or beat every singleexpectation we had as they developed their high-resolution, real-timephenotypic metabolomics tools. Their team has grown by leaps and bounds, andMatterworks has received the Top BiotechStartup 2023 Award from Life Sciences Review.

The Matterworks AI-driven Pyxis™ cloud platform forengineers enables real-time insights into cellular biology. The powerful toolson this platform accelerate therapeutic research, development and manufacturing— keys to curing disease, creating alternate sources of food, and developingsustainable materials.

We are excited to see what the future brings for thisinnovative company, and what a difference they’ll make for humanity and ourplanet.

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