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Zach DeWitt
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Writing business content is hard and time consuming—however, the need for great business writing only continues to grow. The acceleration of fully-digital products and experiences now means almost everyone at a business is a copywriter—whether you are the CEO, working in product, or writing ads for marketing campaigns.

Enter is an AI-powered creativity tool that can help anyone generate written business content within seconds. The process is simple and intuitive. A user chooses the type of copy they want, provides a short description of the company or product and then hits go. generates 10 results that the user can edit and share with team members. The platform learns as you use it—your acceptance of, or the discarding of, possibilities steers the AI model to represent you and your brand more effectively. Writing copy used to take hours—now it takes seconds.

Users love When I met the company, CopyAI was setting new records every day for sign-ups. The product clearly struck a nerve with many different types of users from enterprises (eBay, Nestle), SMBs, bloggers, influencers and even college students. In fact, when I first reached out to the team, I used to generate my outreach email. Like so many other users, I instantly fell in love with the product.

Aften spending time with Paul Yacoubian (CEO + Co-Founder) and Chris Lu (CTO + Co-Founder), I learned that their vision goes far beyond current copywriting use cases. Paul and Chris have been working in and investing in the startup ecosystem for many years and are passionate about helping entrepreneurs. They aspire to make it effortless for entrepreneurs to start and scale startups. can be a foundational tool that becomes the voice of the company and intelligently produces all of a company’s written content—both internal and external. No more staring at a blank screen thinking what to write, can become the content engine for every business.

I am thrilled to announce that we are leading's Series A and on behalf of Wing, I am joining the board. We are fortunate to invest alongside Craft (who led the seed), Sequoia, Tiger, Elad Gil and many other talented angel investors. One of the things I love most about CopyAI is their transparency and commitment to serving their customers. The team is committed to building in public and if you are interested in following the company’s progress, follow Paul and Chris on Twitter.

At Wing, we believe the Modern Enterprise is an agile workplace built on data and powered by AI. CopyAI will enable the Modern Enterprise by helping teams meet their customers where they are, online. We are investing heavily behind the product-led growth (“PLG”) movement and CopyAI is quickly becoming a case study on how to execute PLG successfully (read more about it in my Substack, Notorious PLG). CopyAI is pioneering a new category and we are excited to be an early partner to the team!

The team is hiring and you can find career opportunities here.

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