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We're excited to welcome into the Wing family, as they announce their $10 million seed raise. Our collaboration with Gradient started over a year ago, spurred by their adeptness in crafting custom ML models honed at reputable institutions like Netflix, Pinterest, Google, Splunk, and Meta.

Welcoming to Wing!

The momentum within enterprises to utilize their private data for crafting custom models has been remarkable. Today marks a celebratory occasion as we heartily welcome into the Wing portfolio. Our collaboration with Gradient started more than a year ago, spurred by their adeptness in crafting custom ML models honed at reputable institutions like Netflix, Pinterest, Google, Splunk, and Meta. Upon engagement with large, resource-rich ML teams, the founders identified a lacuna in the toolset available for traditional enterprises to construct analogous models. It's been nothing short of a privilege to support alongside Chris Chang, Mark Huang, and the entire team as they pioneer the tools that encapsulate “AI for the rest of us.”

A year of remarkable evolution

The narrative of is one of recognition and response; recognizing the monumental potential large language models (LLMs), like OpenAI's GPT-4, bear for the AI-first transformation of business and responding to the intricacies involved in transitioning performant models to production. The co-founders, Chris Chang, Mark Huang, and Forrest Moret, all seasoned AI practitioners from industry behemoths like Netflix, Splunk, and Google, have been at the forefront of this narrative.

Gradient’s proactive approach in tackling the bottleneck in model productionization is laudable. Integrating with data tooling such as vector databases (including Pinecone) allows for far more streamlined productization. Their knack for assembling a cadre of world-class engineers, ML researchers, PhDs, product designers, and now, go-to-market leaders, has been stellar. Over the past year, the modest team of three burgeoned into a formidable force of nearly 20 dedicated professionals. Their commercial acumen in applying LLMs across diverse industries, including healthcare, financial services, and technology, is indeed commendable.

Catering to market demand for tailored models

The modus operandi of AI teams traditionally revolved around honing a singular, generalized model. However, emerged from the conviction that specialized and finely-tuned LLMs at scale are the linchpins for superior performance, reduced latency, cost-efficiency, and enhanced security. The platform, architected to simplify the deployment of these specialized LLMs within the cloud, also alleviates the intricacies of managing complex infrastructure across myriad tools. distinguishes itself with a novel methodology that enables organizations to "productionize" multiple models concurrently — catering to individual developers and scaling up to meet the demands of the largest Fortune 2000 enterprises. This approach not only amplifies performance but also streamlines operational workflows. Their demand-based pricing model ensures users pay solely for the resources leveraged, thus democratizing AI adoption and making it cost-effective for businesses across the spectrum.

With over 20 enterprise clientele and thousands of users already onboard, is on an upward trajectory. Their near-term ambition to upscale the cloud backend and augment their team underlines their unwavering commitment to excellence and continual refinement.

As embarks on this exhilarating voyage with Wing VC, we extend our hearty congratulations to Chris Chang, Mark Huang, and the entire team. It has been an honor to champion your growth and innovation journey over the previous year. We’re excited to support your contributions to enterprises in building applications built on data, and powered by AI.

We are elated to be an integral part of their expedition and are optimistic about the promising voyage ahead in nurturing an enduring enterprise. Welcome to the Wing VC portfolio,!

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