Torii makes SaaS management a team sport

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With their latest feature announcement, Torii has decentralized SaaS ownership while giving companies more control over SaaS management and spend.

The average organization has more than 125 different SaaS applications — and according to Gartner, IT is aware of only 1/3 of them.

And that’s only accounting for the approved apps. Shadow IT adds more to that growing list of downloaded SaaS apps every year.

Torii, creator of the world’s only distributed SaaS Management Platform (SMP) has solved the problem of managing cloud apps across a distributed organization. With their latest feature announcement, the company has decentralized SaaS ownership while giving companies more control over SaaS management and spend.

As an investing partner, we’re excited that Torii is addressing major pain points for IT teams managing distributed SaaS. Giving IT teams the ability to grant app owners more control will improve efficiency while dramatically reducing SaaS costs. Torii is well positioned for significant growth as SaaS spend in the enterprise continues to rise.

Uri Haramati, CEO of Torii, shares: “Every company has distributed SaaS ownership, whether they realize it or not. But they don’t have a way to manage it. Employees are adding cloud apps at unprecedented rates, and thanks to continual changes in apps, users, usage, and costs, IT teams can’t keep up. They need employees who now ‘own’ the apps they subscribed to, and players in procurement, security, and finance, to participate.

“IT must empower all stakeholders with the right data, insights, automation, and actions to cut spend, boost efficiencies, and do more with less. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Torii’s enhanced SMP—it’s the only end-to-end solution with the advanced capabilities and accountability that make distributed SaaS management truly possible.”

With the launch of Torii’s new App Owner role, it’s easier for IT teams to engage select employees in the management (both practical and financial) of downloaded apps as app owners. Now an app owner can add and remove users, collaborate with IT on support requests, create custom automations, and gain real-time visibility into an app’s usage and license costs. With these capabilities, an app owner can take a leading role in reducing unnecessary IT spend.

Torii’s feature launch illustrates the company’s commitment to helping organizations optimize their SaaS investments. In a distributed work environment where IT teams are looking for every opportunity to cut costs, improve security, and drive efficiency, Torii has successfully turned SaaS management into a team sport with:

• Comprehensive discovery

• Plug-and-play integrations

• Optimized SaaS spend

• Identification of overlapping apps

• Flexible user management workflows

Torii customers gain 100 percent visibility to all apps in use across the organization, and save hundreds of thousands in distributed SaaS license costs — meaning Torii quickly pays for itself.

Read the press release here.

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